SuperCORR A corrosion protection spray protects and revitalises production machines during Coronavirus lockdowns.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns many factories and workshops have been closed for long or shorter but intermittent periods. With doors closed and restricted ventilation turned and polished steel surfaces on drive screws, chains and bearings can be affected by flash rusting. On start-up lubricants may have oxidised or drained from mating surfaces causing friction and wear. SuperCORR A corrosion protection spray offers a quick, effective, and easily applied answer.

Spraying a coating when shutting down machines, drives, conveyor chains and in control cabinets will prevent or displace condensation on exposed surfaces protecting against condensation.

A further spray on reopening and restart displaces any surface moisture which may have accumulated and relubricates moving components.

SuperCORR A is a proprietary formulation containing no organic constituents.  A combination of long lasting synthetic anticorrosion inhibitors and lubricants that protects metal components against moisture. This unique, water displacing lubricant is non-flammable and environment friendly.

Unexcelled in preventing corrosion and contamination on all surfaces in mechanical close tolerance slow moving components or electrical and electronic equipment used in humid conditions. Can be used on any metal surfaces to prevent flash rusting, microbial and other forms of corrosion.

SuperCORR A forms a super thin, hydrophobic, non-flammable lubricant film with anti-corrosion properties approximately 7 microns (0.007mm) in thickness and is compliant with U.S. EPA regulations, the European Union RoHS Directives.

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