Wayland Additive is commercially launching its first production system — Calibur3 — on the 27th January 2021, and registration is now open for either the physical event to be held at the company’s premises or the virtual event for those unable to travel due to COVID 19 related restrictions.

Wayland’s NeuBeam process — encapsulated in the Calibur3 System — eliminates many of the compromises that users of metal AM processes have had to make to date both for part development and in full production. NeuBeam overcomes the inherent instabilities of traditional eBeam processes and the internal residual stresses typically associated with laser powder bed fusion (PBF) processes to offer a truly stable and flexible process. NeuBeam also exhibits unrivalled metallurgy capabilities and can process a much wider range of metal materials, including reflective metals.

Designed specifically for production applications, the Calibur 3 incorporates fully embedded in-process monitoring capabilities that provide full oversight during every build and ensures full traceability for every part.

Will Richardson, CEO at Wayland Additive says, “After the months and years of research and development into our NeuBeam technology and the creation of the Calibur3 system, it is extremely exciting to move to commercial launch status. We believe that launch of this technology marks a seminal moment for metal additive manufacturing in industrial production scenarios. It is a true blue-ocean technology that will change forever the perceptions and use of metal additive manufacturing moving forward. We will be running two launch events, a physical event to which attendees are invited to attend our premises in Huddersfield to hear about and look at our technology on the 27th January, and a live virtual event on the 28th January for those unable to attend in person for whatever reason.”

The physical event on the 27th January will be curated in a way that ensures COVID 19 safety measures will be paramount. This will not be a mass event for a large group or people, but attendees will choose a time slot during the day, and small groups of 4 or 5 at a time will be walked through the event to ensure that social distancing can be maintained at all times. This will also allow for a more intimate and customized experience, allowing for discussion of specific points or applications appropriate to individual requirements. The virtual event on the 28th January is by its very nature COVID 19 secure, and will be full of interactive and video-based elements to make the experience as close to being on-site as possible.

Peter Hansford, Director of Business Development at Wayland continues, “We are delighted that we already have a number of early registrants for the physical event, but realise that not everyone will be able or willing to travel until the COVID 19 situation has become more positive. Whichever event attendees opt for, they will be treated to an in-depth view of the rationale behind the launch of the Calibur3, how it works, and what it means for customers as we present a way to overcome many of the pitfalls associated with alternative metal AM solutions. In addition, attendees will be shown the new machine, and gain a visual insight into the working of the technology. In addition, for those attendees that register for the events prior to 18th December, we offer free feedback on how the Calibur3 can help with existing or upcoming projects or applications which we will present face-to-face at the physical event or off-line for virtual event registrants.

The NeuBeam process is capable of producing fully dense parts in a wide range of materials, many of which are not compatible with traditional eBeam or laser PBF processes such as refractory metals and highly reflective alloys. As a result, the process can demonstrate vastly improved metallurgy, without many of the compromises that existing metal AM processes necessitate.

Both the physical and virtual events can accommodate limited numbers, and so it is advised that interested parties register as early as possible.


Registration details can be found on the Wayland Additive home page at www.waylandadditive.com or for the physical event (January 27th) click HERE, and the virtual event (January 28th) click HERE.