Wolf Safety ‘Blastlite’ saves valuable time during surface blasting

Shot, sand or water blasting would be a lot quicker if operators didn’t have to keep stopping to check on progress and assess the finish of the surface being worked on.

Wolf Safety, world leaders in supplying portable lighting for use in hazardous locations, have designed a time saving solution.

Their new Blastlite M-485 Midi Torch holder fits securely on the blasting nozzle or hose, targeting a powerful, sharply focussed white beam directly on to the work surface. This cuts through dust and spray to improve visibility, resulting in more precise blasting, a better surface finish and greater efficiency.

To protect the light from bounce back the Blastlite is fitted with a highly durable, replaceable and re-cycleable glass lens.

Incorporating all the advantages of Wolf Safety’s powerful ATEX and IECEx Zone 0 certified M-85 Midi Torch, the Blastlite is quick and easy to set up. The glass lens is placed inside the lens ring and clipped on the M-85 torch. This is then slotted into the bracket provided, rotated 90 degrees to lock it in place then cable tied to the nozzle holder or hose.

The Blastlite is supplied as a complete package, including the torch, bracket, lens ring, glass lens and cable ties. Existing users of Wolf M-80 or M-85 torches can buy Blastlite accessories separately.

“This innovative product substantially cuts the number of times an operator needs to stop blasting to check the progress being made, saving time and boosting productivity,” says Michael Morley, Wolf Safety’s Technical Director. For technical details visitwww.wolfsafety.com