A successful start for new but highly experienced business in Leicestershire “Abacus Flooring Solutions Ltd.” –

A major success story in 2020 is the new industrial and commercial flooring business Abacus Flooring Solutions. Managing Director Nick Megson decided after 30 years of experience to set up his own business in the midst of the global pandemic. This may seem like a difficult starting point but after just 4 months they have exceeded their anticipated 12-month turn over.


This comes as no shock as Nick has been a highly regarded and well-known figure in this industry for over three decades.

Abacus Flooring Solutions specialise in the industrial resin flooring industry and have undertaken multiple jobs since their incorporation back in August 2020.  They have carried out work for some of the UK’s leading engineering businesses including Sub- CNC Precision in Bedfordshire and Swift Plant in Leicestershire, Perfectos of Nottingham, The CBE Plus Group plus numerous other companies to include Aerospace companies in the south of England.

This year is already looking very bright with what has been already a great start to 2021 for the team at Abacus, we sat down with Nick Megson to see what’s in store –


Q. You have already increased your staff and have two fully equipped vans on the road, do you see more growth in the next 12 months?

A. “Absolutely, we already have plans in place to increase our staff which will in turn result in more vehicles. We have a unit in Chesterfield which is ideally situated to serve all parts of the country. We will be employing a full-time sales estimator as we do have a lot of enquiries to deal with. This will ensure I have more face to face time with our Customers.”


Nick with Co-founder and Wife Amanda.


Q. You have always shown a great interest in the Environmental side of your business, do you intend to pursue this further?

A. “We currently offer Life Cycle costs with our quotation, this really allows our Customers to fully understand the true cost of their investment. Holding the role of Ambassador for our Industries governing body, FeRFA for 10 years allowed myself to pursue the diversion of waste from landfill and the recycled content of our materials.”

“I proudly won no less than 10 industry awards for environmental and sustainability. As a business we will continue this approach and along with our Customer Care programme we will continue to strive to offer the best systems available.”


Q. Does Marketing play a part in your plans for the future?

A. “We currently employ the services of a Media & Marketing business who work closely with our Web site design team. These two companies ensure we are using all the social media available to get our relatively new name out there. We see marketing as an important part of our business and have secured some major projects via LinkedIn. We will continue to expand on our marketing strategy.”


Q. You mentioned you have carried out some great works for engineering companies in particular, do you work in all industries?

A. “I must admit that I have a huge admiration for British Manufacturing and do tend to follow these businesses. I have received more business from testamonials within the manufacturing industries.”

“We work throughout the country, in all industries and currently have a very healthy order book with orders from the South Coast to Newcastle and many inbetween.”

“We simply want to deliver the highest standard of Customer Satisfaction on every project. We do operate in a very unique way, this has really helped secure some incredible business opportunites with Blue Chip companies.”


To find out more on how Nick and his team can assist in 2021 please visit www.abacusflooringsolutions.co.uk or call 07904396962.

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