9 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Wanting to Attract More Customers

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives of consumers and businesses worldwide. For small businesses especially it is vital to adapt your marketing now to keep your business thriving during these trying times. Why not try some of these nine Covid-19 marketing tips.

1. Interact with the many people now accessing information through social media.

2. Make your company products and services ‘more findable’ through investment in website SEO.

3. Enhance awareness, drive more traffic to your website and improve key phrase search results on GOOGLE through regular targeted PR marketing.

4. Create more helpful and informative content (technical & application notes, articles, guides, videos) for people to access from your website.

5. Identify and run ePromotion campaigns with media partners who offer lead generation services in your key target markets.

6. Maintain top-of-mind awareness with your opt-in database contacts by creating and periodically mailing out informative and helpful newsletters.

7. Write and secure publication of technical articles addressing key issues that your product technologies and services help solve.

8. Approach target publication editors with the offer of an exclusive interview on a subject of interest to their readership / audience.

9. Enhance information available about interested potential customers to your website using web forensics tools and/or implementing more ‘calls to action’ offering informative sign-in downloads.


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