Web panels with open web browser for HTML5-based visualisations

With the WP4000 product family, Phoenix Contact provides web-based panels that unite all the advantages of the HTML5 technology with a high degree of performance and flexibility. The IP65 multipoint touch displays installed in a metal housing have Ethernet interfaces as well as a microSD memory card. Supported by HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets, the data is always displayed in the same way, regardless of the operating system and device used.

Usually, the visualisation project is ready to use as soon as it was created, tested, and validated. Afterwards, it is transferred from the software environment to a new device. If the user, however, uses the HMI already in the application, the machine builder normally has to send a technician or trust in the expertise of the users, which typically causes downtimes and costs. It turned out to be much easier to leave the visualisation project on the target device or the controller and to use the web-based technology to send its contents to the display and show it there. If the web panel is damaged, the visualisation can also be transferred to another platform – for example an industrial PC – so that the application remains available. Only the IP address has to be configured to reach the target device – a controller, for instance.

As the number of cyber attacks has increased, the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) technology was integrated into the devices of the WP4000 family. This makes the authentication of hardware a lot easier for end users when it is put into operation in their production areas. Via the integrated VNC server technology, machine builders can also access the devices and look at the visualisations. In addition, backup and recovery functions facilitate maintenance and shorten recovery times of the web panels.

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