In some cases, a potentiometer is not strong enough and heats up excessively. This is a serious problem as high temperature affects the life and performance of the potentiometer. In most cases, increasing the potentiometer power equates to higher costs. In the case of POT4W potentiometers by AB Elektronik the situation is different.

The POT4W is fitted with M10 fine threads and shafts of 6mm diameter and 42mm length. At first glance, these potentiometers do not differ from other products of similar dimensions: they have a linearity of 2% and a maximum voltage of 500V. The advantage of POT4W potentiometers is their power rating: 4W (as opposed to the commonly used 2W potentiometers). An additional advantage of AB Elektronik products is a wide range of resistances: from 2.5Ω to 25kΩ. For potentiometers with resistance above 10Ω, the tolerance is 10%, for other it is 20%.

Despite the impressive parameters, the price of POT4W potentiometers is not high, which makes them a great alternative for products with lower power ratings.

4W potentiometers

Power: 4W
Resistance: 2,5Ω to 25kΩ
Mechanical rotation angle: 300°
Maximum voltage: 500V DC
Track material: wire-wound