Increased benefits in a smaller space

binder adds right-angle housing versions to key M12 and M16 connectors

As one of the leading manufacturers of circular connectors for industrial applications, binder offers a wide range of M12 and M16 cable connectors within its overall product portfolio. These include the 423, 713, 715 and 825 Series that binder has expanded with a shielded, two-part right-angle housing in the first quarter of 2021. This provides new options to widen the range of applications and increase future demand.

M16 right-angle connector of the 423 Series. Photo: binder

binder’s 423, 713, 715 and 825 Series connectors are perfectly suited to applications for miniature connectors in areas like automation engineering. The new right-angle housing increases the potential for current and future applications, particularly in the areas of sensor technology, actuators, data transmission and supplying power.
Availability and essential characteristics
A new two-part, right-angle housing with a cover in a shielded design was recently added to the binder product line-up. The right-angle format design provides many options adding to the benefits of the 423, 713, 715 and 825 Series of circular connectors. As a result, users can be confident that all the established properties of these product series are available in this new right-angle version.

Benefits of the right angle version
This new right-angle design is the direct result of the need for ever smaller, space-saving and flexible connector solutions. The new format also features an improved sealing concept and this, together with easier installation particularly in constrained spaces, will be of much interest to users. binder expects to see an increase in applications including measuring equipment and control systems.