Helping robots understand their environment

One of the biggest challenges in robotics is to make the robot understand its environment. Usually, a robot is a blind receiver of fixed programmed commands. However, the ability to adapt to new situations is essential if it is to become an autonomously working colleague. With Ensenso 3D cameras, IDS offers solutions for 3D image acquisition that help to overcome this challenge and excel in terms of precision, economy and speed. Whether with fully integrated housing, modular design or integrated data processing: The Ensenso selector on the IDS website helps to identify the right 3D camera model. Their application fields range from robotic parts handling to pallet commissioning in warehouse and logistics automation. Soon, customers will be able to choose from even more 3D camera variants.

Models of the Ensenso XR family can calculate 3D data in the FPGA itself which reduces some of the computing work for PCs. This speeds up data processing and lightens the load on the network and host PC. Soon, IDS will offer Ensenso XR cameras with 5 MP sensors in addition to the previously available models with 1.6 MP sensors.

All Ensenso XR models feature a projector unit with 100 Watt LED power consumption and two uEye cameras with variable stereo base lengths. The optical configuration of the Ensenso XR can thus be adapted to the required working areas. Thanks to the SoC (System-on-Chip) integrated in the Ensenso XR projector unit, the cameras perform stereo matching and other 3D functionalities themselves. This makes them ideal for applications with multi-camera systems and specific performance requirements, especially for moving objects. The new Ensenso XR models with 5 MP Sony sensors will offer very large fields of view, better resolution of the 3D point clouds and capture objects with working distances of up to five metres. Thanks to IP65/67 protection, they will be extremely robust. Learn more:

If you would like to learn even more about 3D vision technology, you can visit the IDS Vision Channel at From discussions about current developments in 3D vision to the realisation of intelligent picking solutions, you will find a lot of interesting video content in the media library, free of charge and on-demand.

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