GSMX-P Fire Gas Monitoring System

GSMX-P: Early and central fire gas detection The handling of bulk solids poses many challenges. One of these challenges is the enormous amount of dust that is created by conveying and processing the different products. In order not to unnecessarily strain the process and employees on site and to expose them to risks, these enormous […]

Altair Future.Industry Experience Explores What’s Next in Advanced Manufacturing

Ford, Samsung Mobile, BMW, and Altium among featured keynotes Altair will host a global digital experience, Future.Industry from October 19 to 21, 2021. From big-brand thought leaders to early-stage, start-up entrepreneurs, Altair will showcase innovative companies leveraging the power of convergence; simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI), transforming the way they design, operate, […]

Chain Selection Made Easy

Donghua Limited, the UK arm of one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers, has launched a new Chain Selection Chart and re-categorised its extensive Drive Chain products into three ranges to help make it easier for customers to identify the right chain solution.

Additive Manufacturing and Medicine

When additive manufacturing (AM) and medical technology are discussed, numerous examples come to mind. The production of medical devices are perhaps the first examples, but AM is increasingly becoming vital in the production of implants and new prosthetic technology.

FlareSpection™: Industry 4.0-ready Flare Monitoring System for Gas Plants, Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants

As regulatory pressure to monitor flares increases, so does the need for dependable pilot and flare monitoring instrumentation. Pilot flames are typically monitored with thermocouples, but these often fail unexpectedly due to thermal shock during flaring events. Generally, the failed thermocouples can only be replaced during a plant shut down, which means either the plant […]

Spare parts for Production Manufacturing

Often Production stores are the largest single application in a manufacturing environment and when you have several different items all being produced on the same production line, downtime just isn’t an option.  As a result, these production lines will need to be changed.  This makes the change parts store mission critical in the healthy running of […]

C.K Tools – High Quality Hand Tool Solutions for Engineers

Carl Kammerling International, also known as CKI, is the company behind the leading C.K Tools brand.  For over 100 years C.K has been at the forefront of hand tool manufacturing, producing high quality tools that meet the most demanding needs of trade professionals.  Manufactured in Germany, C.K tools are engineered to offer high performance, durability, […]

New short and service-friendly shaft coupling

With the ROFLEX KTR launches a new shaft coupling according to DIN 740 which is characterised by its short design and its service-friendliness. In addition to power transmission, the torsionally flexible coupling compensates for misalignments and dampens torsional vibrations. The ROFLEX is available in two designs and currently in seven sizes for torques from 65 […]

The Most Intelligent Progressive Cavity Pump in the World

Through Industry 4.0 technology, SEEPEX has refined its range of progressive cavity pumps to introduce the pump generation of the future, today. The unique patented SCT AutoAdjust technology in combination with SEEPEX digital solutions enables remote adjustment to maintain pump performance at the optimal operating point without onsite manual intervention.

ALRAD Instruments Ltd – Photonics Division

The Photonics Division of ALRAD Instruments provide a range of products including: Lasers for Machine Vision, Alignment and Positioning Compact Laser Diode Modules for Scientific and Medical Instrumentation Laser Diode Analyser Laser accessories – including Laser Diode Drivers and Laser Protection Glasses and Windows Detectors – including Photodiodes and Thermopiles Precision Optics – including Optical […]


Moisture Meter and Thermal Imager with MSX® The FLIR MR265 is a professional pin and pinless moisture meter with thermal imaging designed to show you exactly where to investigate issues related to moisture, air leaks, and insulation voids. Featuring IGM™ (Infrared Guided Measurement) and MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging enhancement) technology, the MR265 helps you quickly […]

The Original Push-Pull Connector

The LEMO B Series offers a modular, ergonomic, rugged and reliable circular multipole connector for applications needing quick and secure Push-Pull latching. Making it an ideal choice for test and measurement, instrumentation, medical devices, research and audio/video applications.

FLIR Si124 Acoustic Camera

Model: Si124 Acoustic Camera The FLIR Si124 acoustic imaging camera can help you locate pressurized leaks in compressed air systems or detect partial discharge from high-voltage electrical systems. This lightweight, one-handed solution can be used to identify issues up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods. Built with 124 microphones, the Si124 produces a […]


Exploring the benefits of using robotic systems across a wider range of manufacturing applications has accelerated recently where investment in the most up-to-date systems is making a significant contribution to maximising efficiency. Welding applications are a good example and the availability of new, highly flexible, space-saving systems is helping manufacturers to integrate robotics into their […]