Bearings – Rotating the World

Most of us would give little thought to the rotating blades of a turbine engine or a valve which allows chilled gases to flow through it at freezing temperatures.

However, without bearings, many everyday procedures would quickly grind to a halt.  Carter Manufacturing, a designer of bearings really do know their market when it comes to providing a rotational solution to a wide variety of applications.  They are also expanding at a significant rate.  With headquarters in Abingdon and recently added offices in Spain & Minneapolis, there’s every likelihood that another will emerge in Shanghai.  In the meantime, there’s the opportunity to promote the manufacturing brand, Unasis.

This is where I stepped in with my camera, lighting equipment and industrial expertise.  Having already completed two extensive photo assignments with Carter to promote the bearings’ applications and launch the new web site, the aim this time has been to demonstrate the work which goes into building bearings, testing them and the accuracy which they demand.

New subjects featured on the shooting agenda, including the laser engraving of the brand name Unasis onto the bearing itself for both metallic and ceramic bearings.  This was quite a challenge !  Whilst the laser appears to draw the name onto the surface, it cannot be viewed unprotected with the human eye.  With the need to black out the room and reduce all extraneous light, the exposure was a combination of a time exposure plus coloured flash.  For those with a keen interest, the camera setting was ‘B’ and as usual, flash intensities were measured manually.

Newly added to the Unasis catalogue is the tensile tester for which they are currently creating numerous sets of tools.  It’s a Whoppa !  We were fortunate to have the headroom to allow for photography in its entirety.

The aim is to imminently build and launch a sister site which will feature the stages of bearing manufacture under the Unasis brand.  With the two names now complimenting one another, the concentration will be on design, manufacturing and distribution all supporting one another backed up with technical expertise.  Hence, their revolutionary ideas are genuinely moving and with the support of visually striking images, they’re able to support industries relying on the everyday need to keep the wheels, shafts and cylinders revolving from factory to airstrip to operating theatre.


Mel Meader

Technical Operations Manager

Carter Manufacturing Limited

+44 1865 821 720

Mob 07859 879040

[email protected]

Photography :  Adrian Waine

Tel 0151 356 3855

Adrian was formerly staff photographer with Saudi ARAMCO & was regularly commissioned within the oil processing facilities of Saudi Arabia.