Safe and sustainable anti-odour socks

~ NODOR socks prevent foot odour without harming the environment ~

NODOR, a specialist sock brand, has teamed up with antimicrobial material specialist, Parx Materials, to create a new range of anti-odour socks. Using a novel additive free of biocides and toxic substances, NODOR socks are designed to keep feet fresh, clean and odour-free – without the environmental damage typically associated with anti-odour additives.

Microbes present on our skin can break down acids in sweat, resulting in that distinctive smell. These bacteria love the fabrics often used in clothes. Natural fibres like cotton and wool are an ideal breeding ground for microbes, and even polyester can provide a great environment for odour-causing bacteria to grow. Until now, sports brands haven’t found a method to eliminate this in an environmentally friendly way.

Anti-odour technology isn’t a new idea, but previous materials have been ineffective and problematic. Traditional antimicrobial fabrics use silver ions, which leach out of the material to kill the bacteria. These ions can be toxic and using them in fabric just spreads them onto the skin or releases them into the environment. Silver ion technology is also unsustainable. After about five washes it is no longer effective, and the ions can end up in the water system and the ocean.

NODOR socks are different. Rather than using toxic ions, they use SaniconcentrateTM, a revolutionary additive developed by Parx Materials inspired by trace elements found in the human body. Designed to balance your skin microbiome and protect from bacterial growth, they prevent nasty odours and keep your feet cleaner, fresher and healthier. And importantly, the anti-odour properties do not wash out.

“Traditional anti-odour technologies may kill bacteria, but they are neither safe nor sustainable,” explained Michaël van der Jagt, CEO of Parx Materials. “our bio-inspired approach is not only more hygienic, it is also safer. We change the intrinsic properties of the material to ensure that no harmful substances migrate onto the wearer’s skin.”

NODOR socks are also more sustainable – with lifelong antimicrobial properties and no leaching, they’re more ecological and won’t release toxins into the environment, making them safe to wear again and again. Better for the environment and for your skin.