3DPRINTUK Showcased in Best of British Business Award

(10th September 2021. London, UK) Leading 3D printing service supplier 3DPRINTUK is delighted to be included in the Business Reporter Best of British Business Award hosted on Independent.co.uk, which recognises that SMEs are the backbone of UK economic success, and also promotes, supports, and inspires small and medium sized enterprises from around the UK, focusing on the diversity of “brand Britain”.

Discussing the award, MD of 3DPRINTUK Nick Allen says, “It is great to be showcased by the Business Reporter as part of their Best of British Business awards, which sent a team down to our premises in Leyton Industrial Village in North London to film what we do, and how we do it. The resulting video (see HERE) is extremely useful as it is able to convey — in a way that words alone cannot —just what we can achieve through 3D printing, and the size and extent of our premises. Size is not everything, but when acting as a 3D print service supplier, it is very important as it means we can accommodate more 3D printing machines (which increases our capacity), as well as an array of post-processing technologies that mean we deliver optimised parts and components to our extensive customer base.”

3DPRINTUK operates from a 10,000 square feet HQ which houses a growing fleet of SLS and MJF machines, as well as vibro polishing, shot peening, and colour dyeing services. Today, the company is renowned as a leading expert in the use of PBF 3D printing technologies for prototype and small- to medium-sized production runs. As one of its core competencies, 3DPRINTUK is able to offer a reliable and flexible manufacturing service that bridges the huge gap that exists between prototyping and injection moulding in a highly efficient way, overcoming the limitations that alternative processes such as CNC machining and vacuum casting present.

Allen continues, “While we have been working with 3D printing technologies for many years, we are aware that there are many companies that either do not fully understand the potential of 3D printing, or feel that the shift from traditional manufacturing processes would be too difficult or too costly. The Best of British Business award video gives us a highly accessible way of explaining the possibilities that exist through the use of 3D printing in terms of innovation, and also allows us to demonstrate that in fact, the technology is an easily accessible and often extremely cost-effective alternative to injection moulding or alternative traditional manufacturing processes. We are delighted and humbled to be showcased alongside an array of amazing British companies.”

3DPRINTUK is continually investing in new 3D printing machines, new post-processing equipment, and the introduction of new materials, all part of an on-going program of expansion stimulated by the demands of its customers. The company continues to be at the vanguard of the use of 3D printing for prototyping and production applications, and it aims to lead the way as more and more companies explore the use of 3D printing for an array of applications.

The company also prides itself on its sophisticated on-line quotation system, which is easy to use, and simplifies the accessibility of 3D printing for an array of applications from across industry. One of the core principles of 3DPRINTUK is a pragmatic and honest approach. The company works with customers to illustrate when and why 3D printing will work for them, and is also not shy to advise when it may not.

Allen concludes, “Companies need professional guidance and advice, and they need to partner with honest brokers, who they will continue to work with into the future if outcomes match or often exceed their expectations. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations, and partnering with them on their product development journeys.”