Low-leakage couplers – for flawless and reliable temperature regulation in cleanrooms

Absolute cleanliness is required in production under cleanroom conditions such as in the food or pharmaceutical industries. Of course perfect cleanliness is also essential for temperature regulation. The new low-leakage couplers from Meusburger provide the optimal foundation for this.

Clean temperature regulation thanks to flat-face valve and O-ring seal

The new E 25… low-leakage couplers have a flat-face valve on both sides. This ensures that no empty space is created when decoupling so no media can escape, which allows for clean production and user safety. The long pilot guarantees complete sealing and durability, and thanks to the O-ring seal on the fitting, the coupler can be screwed in clean and quick – without any thread sealant at all.

Various styles available

 The low-leakage couplers are available with hose or quick-fit nozzle and with thread in straight and 90° angled versions, available in the common nominal widths DN6 and DN9. Couplers with convenient one-hand operation engage automatically. The minimal pressure drop is due to the optimised flow geometry.

High-temperature version usable up to 220°C

The standard version is already equipped with special sealing for water up to 150° C and oil up to 200° C. The threaded version is also available in a high-temperature version with a turquoise ring for identification. The special FKM seals installed in them are specially designed for hot water up to 180° C and tempering oil up to 220° C and are extremely durable. This guarantees optimal process safety in the production.