Sere Maintenance upgrades concrete handling at KP1

Founded in 1962 at Vertou in the Loire-Atlantique administrative department, Sere Maintenance specializes in the design and sale of lifting equipment, handling systems and overhead cranes in Brittany. Sere Maintenance are versatile professionals who carry out all required studies, tests, checks (General Routine Checks) and repairs for this machinery and equipment. In order to ensure the longevity and robustness of metal structures, they manufacture and export products and accessories designed for cathodic protection (rectifiers, anodes, electrodes, switch cabinets and boxes, etc.). Sere Maintenance handles VERLINDE equipment commercially and is a member of the EUROPONT network.

KP1 is a building industry player solidly anchored in local economies with 39 plants including 20 production units spread across France. The group’s investment is ongoing for the optimization of manufacturing performance and logistics, in programs for major repairs to its concrete plants and production lines, and constantly integrates new processes for its products.

KP1 assigned the renewal and maintenance of its lifting devices and systems to Sere Maintenance 5 years ago. The services proposed by Sere Maintenance are advantageous compared with those of competitors.

For a concrete slab manufacturing process, KP1 previously used an overhead crane that had become obsolete and whose design was inappropriate. The crane was used to move loads of 3.6 tonnes of concrete from the production plant to the hoppers, a distance of approximately ten meters, where the slabs are poured. When the system was upgraded, KP1 required it to be automated in order to assure greater security of concrete loads as their liquid nature made them unstable and because they were off-center in relation to the crane. As the approach dimensions were reduced, the crane had to be made to measure.

A process crane that automates and secures the handling of the load via a suspended tank
Sere Maintenance proposed a 5-tonne double beam bridge (5 x 14 meters) with a VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT3 electric hoist and wire rope dual outlet. As the load is offset from the crane, the two lifting points ensure its stability. The hoist offers variable travel speed for very precise positioning of loads together with an ergonomic hook.

In top position, the load is held in a funnel by means of electric jacks which ensure it is closed. Its handling is then secure.

The double-beam crane is suspended which reduces its approach dimensions in particular of the casting area where an operator assumes manual control of the load. The double-rail trolley is also suspended.

Sere Maintenance carried out the project in 5 months, from design to commissioning. KP1 is satisfied with the benefits provided by the new process crane: more compact, increased safety and easier handling.