Resistor innovator to exhibit at The Battery Show Europe

~ Cressall Resistors will be showcasing its automotive resistor technology ~

Automotive resistor manufacturer, Cressall Resistors, is exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe, which is taking place from November 30 to December 2, 2021 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany. Cressall will be showcasing its range of resistor technology that contributes to the successful electrification of the automotive market at Europe’s largest trade show for advanced electric vehicle (EV) technology.

The Battery Show Europe will take place in Stuttgart, Germany — a hub for automotive manufacturing innovation. Over 500 providers are exhibiting technology relevant to all stages of the EV battery supply chain at the show, which serves as a meeting place for automotive industry suppliers. In addition to exhibiting products and solutions, The Battery Show will also see live product demos and keynote speeches exploring developments in EV battery technology.

Cressall will be exhibiting its EV2 dynamic braking resistor (DBR), which is specifically designed for heavy-duty EV applications. Facilitating regenerative braking while ensuring EVs operate efficiently requires a DBR to safeguard a vehicle’s power system by removing excess energy and dissipating it as heat.

Cressall’s EV2 is the most compact and lightweight automotive DBR on the market and benefits from a modular design, meaning up to five modules can be combined in one single unit to match braking power requirements up to 125 Kilowatts (kW). More units can be added in parallel or series to achieve higher power with no upper limit.

Since the EV2 is water cooled, heat is dissipated efficiently without the need for extra components such as fans or big heat sinks, reducing weight by 15 per cent compared to a conventional DBR.  Additionally, the heated water can be repurposed to preheat the battery in battery EVs, discharge excess energy in fuel cell EVs and even heat a vehicle’s cabin during cold seasons.

Cressall will also be showcasing its new brake chopper. Developed in collaboration with Techmakers, another company of the same industrial group, Telema. In direct response to customer requests for continuous regulation on the EV2, the brake chopper enables the power dissipation control with unrivalled precision using common interface protocols such as ModBus, PWM or CanBus. A similar chopper solution is also compatible with products supplied by Cressall’s load bank division, Power Prove, which will also be exhibited at the show.

“In the wake of COP 26, it’s crucial that technology developers navigate the outcomes and continue striving for the electrification of the automotive market,” explained Simone Bruckner, managing director of Cressall Resistors. “Adoption rates are rising but with the bans on the sale of new petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles looming, time is of the essence for manufacturers to develop solutions capable of powering the entire world’s fleet.

“The Battery Show is a timely opportunity for Cressall to meet with innovators across all stages of the EV battery supply chain, offers an inspiring environment within which to showcase its resistor technology, and strike inspiring conversations on battery technology to enable the rollout of safe, efficient EVs.”

To learn more about Cressall, head to or visit the stand in Hall 4, Booth 467 at The Battery Show Europe, November 30 to December 2, 2021.