Safely separate signals in one terminal with two connection methods

The hybrid terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact enable different connection technologies to be used for the interior and exterior sides of a control cabinet. The matching combination of simple Push-in connection on the interior control cabinet side and classic screw connection on the end-customer side enable practical solutions.

The PTU 4 multi-conductor hybrid disconnect terminal blocks are new products from Phoenix Contact in which conductor cross-sections from 0.2 mm² to 6 mm² can be connected. Signals can be separated quickly and reliably and checked easily and conveniently because the terminals have an individual separation zone and 4 mm test sockets. Another advantage is the installation of fuses and components. The compact design and front connection enable wiring in a confined space.

In addition to the hybrid disconnect terminal blocks, there are feed-through, protective conductor, transformer, and multi-conductor terminal blocks of the same shape. This enables the requirements for the internal and external wiring to be met at the same time, and the advantages of the respective technology can be utilised. An additional advantage is the reduction of logistics costs through using the uniform system accessories of CLIPLINE complete.

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