Meltio is a disruptive Technology. It is changing the way we make metal parts.

Using WP LMD a Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process that precisely stacks layers of weld beads when introduced into a laser generated melt pool. The Meltio ecosystem produces near net shape parts of extremely high density with minimal machining required reducing time, cost and waste. 

At the heart of the system is the Meltio print head. This patented design can operate within a standalone machine as the M450 or can be integrated with an industrial robot or CNC system to reach large part sizes or offer a complete hybrid manufacturing system. You can turn any machine tool into a hybrid manufacturing system with no inherent size constraints, bringing new capabilities to a wide range of industries and applications. 

As an open material system Meltio is capable of producing parts in a wide range of materials including steel, titanium and Inconel from off the shelf stockists makes the system lost cost and safe to run.

Low Acquisition Cost. Low Running Cost. High ROI. Safe. Reliable. Simple.

An example of how Meltio’s cutting edge technology allows 3D printing parts with unparalleled geometry freedom! Engine manifolds, used to guide gases from engine to exhaust, need to be optimised continuously to achieve the highest performance possible. Meltio’s LMD ( Laser Metal Deposition) process enables smooth walls on large components while avoiding internal support structures by using 5axis. It also allows avoiding multiple welds and complex manual setups, perfect for the low volumes of motorsport production quantities. 

3DGBIRE aims to provide a 360-degree service and offer personalised consultations, application design consultations, advanced AM training, lifetime technical support and a print bureau service to support in peak times, to enable you and your business to get the most from these groundbreaking technologies.