With the right crimping tool for safe crimping connections in any application

Phoenix Contact constantly optimises and extends the crimping tools in the Crimpfox family based on market requirements and the crimp connection specifications. The new Crimpfox Centrus… NC feature a small gripping width and fit ergonomically in your hand to enable an optimal view into crimping areas. Automatic cross section adjustment for conductor cross-sections of 0.14 mm² to 6 mm² and TWIN ferrules up to 2 x 4 mm² provides consistently high-quality crimp results.

The universally adjustable Crimpfox­TC MP­6 is ideally suited for crimping both solid Heavycon contacts in the CK 1.6/CK 2.5/CK 4.0 series and SACC contacts. The multifunctional digital display enables simple and intuitive operation, and the rotatable locator helps to exactly position the contacts in the crimping area.

Crimpfox­C D universal pliers with parallel crimping process crimps shielded 1-pair, 2-pair, and 4-pair housings in the DMCC 0,5 series with various crimp inserts. The combination of various depths and crimp inserts enables high variance and reliable EMC shielding when crimping a connected data cable.

The crimping tools from Phoenix Contact impress with an ergonomic design for convenient, precise wire processing with optimal crimping results. The application clearly defines whether a ferrule is needed for a Push-in connection or a solid crimp contact is required for a contact insert. For a standard-compliant crimp connection, the manufacturer’s specifications and the applicable standards must also be taken into account.

The TC Cloud Client 2002-4G EU cellular communication version for the European market decouples remote maintenance access physically from the operator network and also enables the system to be installed anywhere.

The 2102T-4G EU WLAN variant rounds out the portfolio extension. It combines the advantages of all interfaces in a single device to be able to decide what medium it will use to create a connection based on local conditions.

All 2000-series variants also offer the option of connection via a wired WAN port. Users can freely define which uplink is used and which one works as a fallback.

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