New! Contrinex Stainless-steel SMART🕵️‍♂️ Sensors – Withstand Extreme🔨 Environments Whilst Slashing Complexity & Cost

Contrinex’s ground-breaking family of SMART inductive sensors, are now available with their uniquely robust 700 Series technology. Featuring a housing machined from a single piece of stainless-steel (V2A /AISI 303) and unique technology that provides robustness to survive extreme environments and including being used to hammer nails into wood.🔨

These exceptionally robust, full-inox SMART sensors withstand repeated impacts and continuous exposure to cleaning and process fluids, extending the capabilities of the SMART sensor family into extreme environments.

Designed with the needs of OEMs and System Integrators in mind, the SMART sensors offer exceptional performance and the opportunity to reduce complexity and cost. By implementing multiple sensing modes in a single sensor, Contrinex has given designers the freedom they’ve always dreamed about, offering exceptional versatility and simplified integration.

Suitable for the most challenging applications, a single sensor with IO-Link connectivity and multiple user-configurable outputs offers a cost-effective yet highly capable solution.

All Contrinex SMART sensors feature multi-mode high-resolution measurement of either routine process data or critical-event data. A single device is capable of either direct or indirect measurement of multiple parameters, including distance, linear and angular position, velocity, vibration and force.

These new full-inox SMART sensors combine these industry 4.0 features with an extended sensing range on aluminium, brass and copper. Additionally, Contrinex’s proven ASIC technology enables operating-cycle counting and temperature monitoring.

With IO-Link providing user-configurable outputs and timing modes together with dual-channel operation, Contrinex SMART sensors are ready for any challenge. The introduction of full-inox versions provides exceptional choice plus genuine affordability for systems integrators and equipment designers in diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and white goods.


🔨 Uniquely robust 700 Series – One-piece stainless-steel (V2A /AISI 303) housing and sensing face

👨‍🔧 Fit-and-forget for remote & harsh environments

📏 Exceptional sensing range on steel, aluminium, brass and copper

🔍 A single sensor provides a range of functions

🏎️ High-speed device-to-device communication

⏲️ Cumulative operating data recorded in on-board data storage

💡 Visible LED of status or for identification

🕵🏽‍ Multiple sensing modes simplify system design

📈 High-precision analogue output signals

🎛️ IO-Link – Ideal for Industry 4 and offering Plug and Play swap-out.

Read more at the Product Page, Click to download the Contrinex SMART sensor flyer, or Click to download Contrinex’s Product Overview brochure to find out more.

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