Expanded Magnetic Solutions from MagDev at Southern Manufacturing 2022

Following the recent acquisition by Bunting, MagDev is exhibiting an expanded range of magnets, magnet assemblies, soft magnetics, and magnetising solutions on stand E190 at the 2022 Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show (Farnborough, UK, 8-10 February).

Figure 1 – Alloy Powder Cores

MagDev is a member of the Bunting Group, which is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of magnets, magnet assemblies and magnetising equipment.  The Bunting European engineering and manufacturing facilities are in Swindon, Berkhamsted and Redditch, all in the United Kingdom.

The role of the magnet has never been more important, with magnetic technology playing a key role in a wide range of green technology including wind turbines and electric vehicles. 

MagDev and Bunting are unique in providing a complete magnetic solution including the selection of the magnet material, design of a magnet assembly, and method of magnetization for optimum magnetic performance.  Specialist magnet engineers work closely with customers to understand an application before recommending or bespoke design a suitable solution.  Projects involve applications in industries including automotive, aerospace, and electronics such including household appliances and sensors.

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd Magnetiser and Magnetising Equipment

Figure 2 – Magnetising Fixture and Magnetiser Control Cabinet

As a leading manufacturer of custom and industrial magnets, MagDev specialises in supplying permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, and soft magnetics.  Many projects involve magnets in a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades, with magnetic properties tuned to specific applications.  With strategic partners, MagDev supplies sendust, MPP, and iron powder cores for chokes; carbonyl iron cores for high frequency applications; strip wound cores in silicon steel and nickel alloys; and iron and cobalt base amorphous and nanocrystalline cores.

MagDev and Bunting also stock an extensive range of magnets including Neodymium, Ferrite, Samarium Cobalt, and AlNiCo in various shapes (e.g. rings, blocks, etc) and sizes.

On stand E190 at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics, applications engineers from MagDev and Bunting join forces to help engineering companies determine the optimum magnetic solution.

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