Expanded IoT Options for Microsoft Azure

Companies using Microsoft Azure for Industrial IoT now have a wide range of new options available through the Skkynet DataHub® service for Azure

“The Skkynet DataHub service provides a way to securely integrate operations technology with IT on the popular and powerful Microsoft Azure platform,” said Paul Thomas, President of Skkynet. “Users can now securely acquire, monitor, control, consolidate, and share their live process data. With support for standard industrial protocols like OPC UA or MQTT, they can connect directly to popular applications and programs that run on Azure, or at remote locations.

Some  key benefits of the Skkynet DataHub service for Azure:

  • Solve your IoT connectivity issues.
  • Secure your OT to IT data communications.
  • Move your IoT projects from pilot to production.
  • Cut your Industrial IoT project costs.
  • Reduce your cyber-security risk profile.

Powering AI

AI needs data, reliable data.  Ideally, an industrial AI system could securely access process data in real time, as well as send signals back to the plant floor.  The Skkynet DataHub service for Microsoft Azure seamlessly feeds production data to Azure IoT Hub or any analytical engine running on the Azure platform, and can relay commands back to SCADA systems, equipment, and processes, all in real time.

Integrating live processes on Azure IoT Hub Connecting to Azure IoT Hub should not require any engineering or custom code.  With the Skkynet DataHub service, connecting to IoT Hub is fast, easy, and secure.  Connect to IoT Hub at the edge or aggregate multiple connections in the cloud. You can integrate your live processes using standard protocols like OPC, MQTT, MQTT Sparkplug B, and Modbus, and connect SCADA systems, data lakes, and historians.

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