Multifunctional safety relays by PILZ

Safety elements and accessories for automation systems.

In industrial environments, especially on production lines and in production workshops, elements that are responsible for the safety of the workers are extremely important. Among these components are sensors (detecting hazards, such as human presence in a danger zone), as well as relays for emergency stopping of the machines. Of course, such components should be characterised by reliability and efficiency and at the same time conform to the international norms and domestic OHS regulations. From the point of view of the units responsible for maintenance in automated factories, standardisation and wide functionality of the products used is important, too – so that the protection elements can be used in diverse, complex areas of application, protecting both the workers and the continuity of processes (machines, materials). In such cases, the best solution is to implement elements and whole systems designed by one, reliable producer. Mutual compatibility of safeguards, ability to connect them, as well as the availability of extension modules shorten the installation and maintenance times and reduces downtime.

Below, we present the two product families of safety relays and a series of magnetic sensors by PILZ. PILZ is a German company with over 70 years of experience, it is one of the global leaders in protection of automation systems. Presented products can be used to build new, complex systems, but also to modernise and carry out maintenance of the existing machine installations.

PNOZ X series

PNOZ X safety relays are specialist, DIN-rail mounted modules. Their functions include monitoring emergency, limit and pressure-sensitive switches, doors and shutters, light barriers, pressure-sensitive mats and other components of automated protection used in workplaces. They have from 2 to 6 inputs and from 2 to 11 outputs (NO). Each of them is equipped with 2 electromechanical, potential-free contacts. Depending on the model, the relays are adapted to the supply voltage of 12V DC, 24V AC or DC, and to ranges from 24…240V to 100…240V AC/DC. They can work in temperatures varying from -10°C to 55°C. However, there are also versions whose thermal tolerance allows for operating temperatures as low as -35°C, which makes it possible to use these products in harsh conditions of chemical and refrigeration industries. Selected products feature additional relay connectors (from 1 to 4 NC outputs). In the TME catalogue, there are also compatible extension modules which allow to increase the number of connections for each output – these components work with relays in a feedback loop mode. Some of the variants of the PNOZ X series components are equipped with outputs with a programable delay (up to 30 seconds).

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