Photocentric are leading the way in helping businesses evolve through additive manufacturing. They have been extremely successful in bridging the gap between prototyping and injection moulding for clients from all industries, using LCD screen technology for 3D printing. Whether trialling new products, looking to begin rapid production whilst waiting on tooling, producing on a lower volume, looking for a speedy go to market response or delivering bespoke products, Photocentric has been able to help clients adopt additive manufacturing.

The newly launched Photocentric LC Opus delivers fast, highly accurate prints, suitable for a huge variety of industries and applications. It’s intuitive, simple operation and UV open source freedom of material choice, makes the LC Opus perfect for beginners and experienced users.

The LC Magna delivers significant speed, volume and cost savings. The evolution of the LC Magna continues with a host of new features added, LCD printing and the LC Magna 3D Printer continues to represent the pinnacle of Photocentric’s product development. The versatility of the LC Magna supercharges product design enabling you to move from prototyping to production, in hours. With end use parts comparable to injection moulding, whether it’s a small batch, on demand or full production the LC Magna consistently delivers accurate end use parts at scale and is the essential choice for those seeking an agile and flexible solution for product manufacture.

Micron Sprayers

A few months ago 3DGBIRE headed to Micron sprayers to see how they were adopting the Photocentric LC Magna, they impressed our technical trainer Steve Taylor with their seamless transition from FDM to Resin printing. Micron Sprayers Ltd has been established since 1954 and is a leading manufacturer of specialist sprayers and weed control equipment for a wide range of applications worldwide. Micron decided that the next step was to move into custom mass manufacturing with the Photocentric Magna, as a lot of their products were designed by injection moulding. By 3D printing, Micron Sprayers have been able to get prototypes out there quickly, change them and test how certain parameters affect results.

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