See, understand and evaluate AI vision

AI vision, i.e. image processing with artificial intelligence, is a topic that is much discussed. While there are some embedded vision systems on the market that allow AI to be used in industrial conditions, many facility operators are still hesitant to buy one of these platforms and upgrade their applications. Although AI has already shown pioneering new possibilities where rule-based image processing has run out of rules and remained without a solution until now. So what prevents the new technology from spreading faster?

Used correctly, AI vision has the potential to improve many vision processes. But providing hardware alone is not enough to infect the industry with AI across the board. Manufacturers are challenged to support users by sharing their expertise in the form of user-friendly software and built-in processes. Compared to best practices, which have evolved over years and built up a loyal customer base with a lot of documentation, knowledge transfer and many software tools, there is still a lot of catching up to do for AI, but it is already under development. Standards and certifications are also currently being worked on to further increase acceptance and explainability and to bring AI to the big table. IDS Imaging Development Systems is helping with this. With IDS NXT, an embedded AI system is available that can be used quickly and easily as an industrial tool by any user group with a comprehensive and user-friendly software environment – even without in-depth knowledge of machine learning, image processing or application programming.

IDS NXT is a comprehensive system with a wide range of workflows and tools for realising your own
AI vision applications. The intelligent IDS NXT cameras can process tasks “OnDevice” and deliver
image processing results themselves. The tasks of the cameras are determined by apps that are
loaded onto the cameras and executed there. Their functionality can thus be changed at any time.
This is supported by software such as IDS NXT lighthouse, with which users can not only train neural
networks, but now also create their own vision apps. The system offers both beginners and
professionals enormous scope for designing AI vision solutions.

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