Reducing energy costs and increase sustainability with next generation cleaning solutions

As we begin 2023, Businesses are stepping up on meeting ESG (Environmental Social Governance) targets and looking for ways to be more sustainable and cut carbon emissions.

They’re also looking at where efficiencies can be made and costs can be cut as energy prices continue to soar. In both cases, changing the chemicals and equipment used in the cleaning process can have a significant impact.

Significant advancements have been made in new innovative industrial solvent cleaning chemicals, making them a viable, safe, cost-effective and more sustainable option. One such product is Opteon™ SF80 from Chemours. SF80 has an ultralow GWP of less than 2.5, unlike common F-gas solvents that can have a GWP of up to 11,000. It is just as effective as damaging competitor products, and is often more efficient, so changing can have a huge impact on lowering carbon emissions.

It can also save huge amounts of money in the process. SF80 reduces weekly CO2 usage by 75%, reduces weekly fluid consumption by 50% and reduces the cost of average daily consumables by eliminating water treatment.

In addition to products, Fraser Technologies also offers equipment to support cleaning solutions, many of which increase efficiency and reduce cleaning time, saving costs and emissions.

Fraser Technologies Brand New SlimLine PLW 6011 & PLW 6111 aqueous cleaning systems from Miele Professional, for example, are single chamber aqueous cleaning machines offering time, energy and cost-saving efficiencies, which can meet the stringent cleaning requirements for high-reliability industrial sectors.

At only 65cm wide, the footprint is very compact, whilst still providing a large and flexible internal chamber space. This size, flexibility and smart load system allows a variety of components to be cleaned highly efficiently all at once, whilst utilising much less space compared with a standard sized machine.

Fraser Technologies’ solvent and aqueous cleaning systems offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for your sustainability and precision cleaning needs. Find out more today!

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