Servomex supports Pentatec in delivering an automated gas analysis system for ASUs

Servomex, the global expert in gas analysis, and Pentatec SRL, have increased their support for whole plant analysis and filling management at air separation unit (ASU) plants.

These two highly experienced companies have been working together for the past 15 years and have taken advantage of this ongoing partnership to deliver an automated gas analysis system for ASU applications.

Based in Curno, Italy, Pentatec SRL has worked on the automation of process analysis for more than 30 years. Its latest system provides medical certification of liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid argon (LAR), and liquid nitrogen (LIN) for the gas industry, meeting the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.

Servomex supplies a comprehensive range of its SERVOPRO safe-area analytical solutions to support the system

It also includes remote stations for analysis and automatic loading of the mobile containers, and software to monitor the authorization of filling trucks, ensuring the correct personnel are on-site at the right times.

Drawing on more than 70 years of gas analysis expertise, Servomex supplies a comprehensive range of its SERVOPRO safe-area analytical solutions to support the system, including MultiExact 4100, FID, Chroma, MonoExact DF310E, NOx, and DF-700 analyzers.

These analyzers rely on Servomex’s wide array of sensor technologies to assure product purity and monitor trace impurity concentrations to meet specifications.

Servomex is continually updating its analyzer range, so the Pentatec system is constantly evolving to ensure the most advanced analysis solutions are used.

Roberto Agazzi, Gas Analytics Systems Design Manager at Pentatec SRL, said: “It’s easy to work with Servomex when it comes to selecting the instruments we need, because they have a very large selection of analyzers that meet every necessity for air separation unit activity. Without the level of control and certification this system provides, it is impossible for the end user to supply the products, so these analyzers are mandatory.”


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