Fight against the Installation costs





Simplify Your Connections – Plug & Play

Fight against the Installation costs

It goes without saying that to be successful it is necessary to produce cost-effectively. Yet the installation of new machines and systems is a hefty cost to factor in. But in a market where quality, service and turnaround time can give you the edge over your competitors – a cost-effective electrical equipment solution for your application is crucial.

We, at Murrelektronik, are experts in finding solutions that help you reduce your installations costs. With our plug & play principle, we offer a promising approach to considerably reduce the costs of connecting your systems.

When electrical engineers are tasked with saving money, some think of the material costs. Perhaps they change components and ask their colleagues from purchasing to negotiate discounts with the suppliers. When bottom line figure is reduced and the installation still works – all is good.

But Murrelektronik knows: you can do better! We do not analyze singular aspects of the installation but analyze all processes: starting from the machine and system planning, to purchasing, logistics, production and assembly, setup, all the way to follow-up processes like service and diagnostics.

Our solutions help change your view from looking at single measures to considering the complete installation solution. This creates synergy – and this is what saves money in the end.

One prime example of this is our connection technology. We recommend: pluggable connections instead of having to tighten them.

The immediate effect: the installation time is reduced. Conventional wiring of single wires requires a lot of patience. Stripping wire, crimping ferrule ends and connecting the single wires to terminal boxes takes a lot of time.  With passive distribution boxes this can be done much faster! Pre-wired valve connectors and connection cables reduce the work that has to be done. If you go one step further and install a fieldbus solution, even the last terminal points are eliminated – the solution is connected all the way through. Experience from shows that the installation time is reduced by up to 80%!

The synergy coming from plug & play is very beneficial. Until now, you had to buy a whole range of small parts. With Murrelektronik, a few components are all you need. Some examples? Fieldbus modules with multifunctional ports, pre-wired cables, transformers with wide voltage input or distribution boxes with integrated ports for safe outputs – all these components replace a lot of small parts. This slims down your ordering processes, the number of different models needed and it will facilitate your inventory.

We call this the CONNECTIVITY approach by Murrelektronik. Our Connectivity specialists optimize our customer’s machine and system installations together with them. They find the direct and hidden costs. The integrated approach opens new options across all processes. Plug & Play is the first big step in the right direction!

Here in the UK, Murrelektronik has Connectivity Specialists ready to help reduce the costs of your machine and system installations. Call 0161 728 3133 to arrange an on-site consultant.

Take a look at our Connectivity approach by downloading the Connectivity app Realistic 3D simulations show which installation concepts to use for maximum cost-effectiveness in different industries, such as logistics and materials handling technology, in the machine tool industry or in automation technology.  The differences between the various installation concepts are explained beautifully – starting from point-to-point wiring as a very simple installation concept up to complex fieldbus installations that offer comprehensive diagnostic options.



Experience shows: each eliminated terminal point saves up to 2 minutes