Highly sensitive and really tough.

With the MP 20.2, Murrplastik Systemtechnik supplements its Multi-Line family of cable drag chains with a one-piece, robust and inexpensive version for use on small and fast handling and assembly robots.

With the development of the new MP 20.2, Murrplastik, the specialist for cable drag chains, is responding to customer requirements for one-piece and easy to install cable drag chains with widths between 15 and 50 mm. Today, high standards in terms of loading, speed and travel distance length are expected even in the lower performance brackets, such as the use of handling and assembly robots. That’s why particular emphasis was placed on the weight-stability ratio during the engineering of the MP 20.2.

Figure 1: Compact, robust, stable and smooth-running. The new MP 20.2 from Murrplastik for handling and assembly robots.

The result is impressive: despite its compact dimensions, the cable drag chain is extremely stable and robust in its design. The new MP 20.2 has a stability and smoothness previously only available in larger-scale cable drag chains.

Murrplastik Systemtechnik offers the new MP 20.2 cable drag chain in a total of 20 variants: with chain widths of 15, 25, 38 and 50 mm and radii of 38, 48, 75, 100 and up to 125 mm. The MP 20.2 has an internal height of 20 mm and an external height of 25 mm. It includes 29 chain links per running metre (exactly 1.15 metres). A optional separator can be used to separate the lines. The chain links can be opened on the inside curve. The maximum travel distance is eight metres in hanging operation and three metres in upright operation.

In order to achieve high stability at a low wall thickness, Murrplastik’s engineers carried out filling simulations with MOLDFLOW and strength calculations with the ANSYS simulation software during the development stage. The chain links are manufactured in a single injection moulding cycle and in a single part. The cover is linked by means of a flexible hinge.

Murrplastik products are sold in the UK via sister company Murrelektronik Ltd. Contact Stan Aylott UK Product Manager – Cable Management.