High mix quality, lower material costs and safer operation, now with mobile control:  Cantech’s intelligent batching control systems keep delivering more for producers, customers and staff.

Cantech’s integrated batching/blending control systems have long been recognised for consistently accurate control of each ingredient in a mix, largely achieved by dynamically compensating the target weight of critical and often expensive ingredients – eg pigments in coloured products, cement and additives in concrete – to the measured weight of the bulk constituents.

This tight control of final mix quality and quantity benefits producers and their customers alike – not least because very tight control of critical ingredients often reduces the usage and hence cost of these expensive materials.

Moreover detailed records of all batches/loads produced are stored on disk with automatic transfer onto remote servers, in formats easily read into standard software eg Excel, allowing recall and analysis by technical and management staff, both on site and further afield in regional offices/laboratories.

Batching control system mimic
Batching control system mimic

Email alerts can be sent automatically to nominated personnel in response to exceptional events, eg material made outside expected limits (eg too hot/cold), repeated plant faults etc, highlighting areas for preventative maintenance or  items for replacement/improvement.

Further benefits arise from controlling the process from a clean remote office (pictured above), providing operational staff with safe, clean working conditions away from explosive atmospheres, dust, vibration, noise and traffic movements of a typical plant; and from centralising control of two separate processes – say a rail unloading operation and batching of hot asphalt – in one office which increases flexibility of staffing, using related Cantech control systems which are easily learned by several operators any of whom could run both plants when required.

Wireless workstation in vehicle cab
Wireless workstation in vehicle cab

This has been taken further forward by introducing wireless workstations (pictured), allowing operation of key sections of a
process from the cabs of mobile plant such as forklifts and loading shovels. Typical applications include initiating batching of mixed concrete from a loading shovel on a readymix plant or forklift for blocks/precast operations, allowing one person to oversee the complete operation including filling of hoppers or transporting mixed concrete to the fabrication area, as well as the batching itself; or loading/unloading materials into/out of storage bins, with the displayed contents of the bins allowing a driver to handle other matters on site until the bins next need attention.

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