How intelligent control systems help deliver recovery

Many producers are now reporting sustained increase in demand, but with it the challenge of maximising recovery against a backdrop of previous rationalisation in both staffing levels and production facilities, and the ongoing drive to meet stringent health and safety standards and to reduce production costs.

Cantech’s extensive range of intelligent control and monitoring systems help in meeting all these aims, by:


Improving throughput from existing plant. Measuring the response of important process variables eg feed/flow rates in response to changes in the raw material fed into a plant, along with monitoring plant parameters such as motor currents, pressures etc allow  input into particular sections of the process to be continuously adjusted to run at optimum rate whilst minimising any tendency to overfeed, so resulting in reduced downtime (and accordingly less stress for staff) by reducing stoppages through overloads, blockages, spillage etc.

keeping the driver notified of the levels in a set of plant hoppers allows him/her to conduct other tasks on a site until a hopper level is seen to run low, rather than having continually to return to the plant to top up; and in blending/loading operations the shovel driver can start the feeders/conveyors from the cab as the vehicle arrives on the site, allowing the plant to be run without a full-time operator; and removing the need for the driver frequently having to climb in and out of the cab minimises the risk of injury from slips or falls or from heavy vehicle movements and reduces long-term health risks which can arise from exposure to dust, fumes, noise and other similar hazards commonly found in industrial workplaces.