Tray Transfer and Handling System

Investment in automation technologies is essential in today’s marketplace if you want to accelerate processes and reduce costs.


In this regard, selecting the right and most efficient system always depends on the quantity to be produced. The newly developed tray transfer and handling system from mk is optimally matched to a patented, reusable tray that is fully compatible with automation systems. Therefore even the smallest batch can be cost-effectively automated. During the entire process, the products remain in a position that is defined and thus capable of being automated. This means that they can be automatically processed, or even additional processing can be carried out, at different points within the cycle. Therefore the need to sort or repackage during production, storage or transport are completely dispensed with. If there is a product change, only the inlay must be replaced.


Proven belt conveyors and timing belt conveyors from the mk standard product line are used to provide such a solution. A linear, three-axle portal with easy control takes over the handling.


The system is structured in two independent modules that can be used autonomously, depending on the task and each unique requirement. The investment in such a system remains manageable and the system is flexible and process-reliable for future adaptations.


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