Why choose between a pyrometer and thermal imager, when you can have both?”

Temperature measurement is critical when monitoring and optimizing process intensive applications such as those found in the steel and glass industries. Careful monitoring of product temperatures and of production equipment and machinery is the only way to ensure that product quality will meet the stringent marketplace requirements at competitive prices. Infrared Pyrometers and thermal imagers are ideal non-contact solutions to ensure correct temperature of key components resulting in process efficiency, reduced waste, and improved quality.

Pyrometers provide accurate and precise temperature measurements at a single fixed point and enable the reproducibility that is critical in many processes. In addition, pyrometers are relatively inexpensive and are capable of very fast measurement speeds, which is required for the rapid thermal changes of many processes. For all applications where steam, spray, or unknown or changing emissivity is an issue, ratio (2-color) pyrometers are the preferred choice.

However, the ability to measure uniformity is also vital to extending the longevity of many types of industrial equipment used in temperature-intensive environments. Sensing even minute temperature variations can save thousands of dollars – preventing, for example, expensive equipment from breaking, which could interfere with product quality, jeopardize operations, and cause safety hazards. It can also help to save money, especially energy savings in preheating applications.

Infrared cameras have proven to be the ideal non-contact temperature measurement technology in these situations, but the high cost of imaging systems is often a barrier for many customers.

Innovative ISR 6-TI Advanced Hybrid Pyrometer for Measuring Complex Processes

The new IMPAC ISR 6-TI Advanced pyrometer from LumaSense is truly distinct. It combines both worlds and offers advantages for pyrometry and thermal imaging applications in one single solution. It is the world’s first industrial grade infrared pyrometer with a thermal image display.

The ISR 6-TI Advanced combines 2-color pyrometry with infrared thermal imaging technology to produce thermal images relative to the central measuring point of the pyrometer. It accurately measures the temperature of the center spot and uses an infrared filter to show an auto calibrated thermal image based on this accurate (and to a large extent emissivity independent) ratio pyrometer temperature reading.image1

The ISR 6-TI Advanced hybrid-pyrometer solution is ideal for industries where it’s critical to know the temperature of an object as well as ensure uniformity across an object at that temperature. It is accurate and easy to use by offering a single user interface for the pyrometer and thermal imaging function. The key advantage here is that there is no mechanical alignment required between the thermal image and the pyrometer, which would be needed if you were working with two different systems. As such, many processes in metals and glass making that use a single pyrometer to measure temperature can be improved with this innovative technology by seeing the uniformity across the object rather than just one point.

LumaSense’s IMPAC pyrometers are highly accurate industrial grade non-contact infrared temperature measurement instruments strong enough for the harshest environments. With a huge pyrometer product portfolio developed from years of research and customer contact, LumaSense Technologies provides solutions for nearly every application request.


New top range industry standard: Hybrid Pyrometer with thermal imaging capability


Caption: Measurement and evaluation software Infrawin 5 with thermal image display

ThermalImage ISR6-TI_2

IMPAC ISR 6-TI – Thermal image displayed



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