The world of 3D print is expanding

With the digital age advancing rapidly, 3D scanning and printing is revolutionising manufacturing and supply chains in almost every industry sector. After a large increase in demand for 3D printing, Midlands based 3D scanning and printing Company Central Scanning ltd have invested in two 3D printing machines to complement their existing capacity:

The Mojo FDM Printer is part of the FDM Idea series; it builds models up to 5 x 5 x 5 inches, and can print in a variety of different colours and P430 materials, including nectarine, olive green and ivory.

How it works:
Two materials are heated in an extrusion head and deposited in thin layers on a modelling base. The model is then built precisely, layer upon layer.
When the model is complete, the support material is removed, leaving an accurate, durable, functional 3D model.

The Mojo FDM is as simple to use as a document printer, yet powered by FDM Technology to build spot-on, functional concept models and rapid prototypes in ABS plus thermoplastic. With the lowest price, fastest build and finest layers of any Idea Series 3D printer, Mojo’s good vibes inspire boundless creativity. 

The Fortus 4ooMC Printer is a new release from the Fortus 3D production systems; it is capable of building models up to 14 x 10 x 10 inches and is accurate to within 0.0015 of an inch.

fortus 400mc 2 fortus 400mc 3
fortus 400MC mojo 2

How it works:
Durable, production-grade thermoplastic is heated in an extrusion head and deposited in thin layers on a modelling base. Once the part has completed printing, the soluble or breakaway support material is removed, leaving an accurate and durable part that’s environmentally stable.
It is production without the expense and time requirements of tooling.
This is perfect for:

  • Printing jigs
  • Printing fixes
  • Checking gauges

The Fortus 400MC, coupled with Insight processing software, allows the quick manufacture of parts that match the mechanical, thermal, aesthetic and resolution needs required. Having this printer enables the ability to accurately manufacture parts with complex geometries that are strong enough not only for functional testing, but end use as well.
By using a wide range of thermoplastics with advanced mechanical properties, the parts printed by this machine can endure high heat, caustic chemicals, sterilization and high impact applications.

The two new printers are to be installed alongside the current FDM Prodigy plus and Objet Eden 500V printers at Central Scanning’s main headquarters in Bromsgrove.  Managing Director Nick Godfrey says ‘’3D printing enables companies to create one off pieces and prototypes in a very cost effective way, by having the level of 3D scanning and printing capabilities we now have in house, we’re a one stop shop for most businesses’’. He continued ‘’At Central Scanning, no two days are the same and we have some really exciting projects in process at the moment and more on the horizon. We look forward to pushing the boundaries of these new machines with both our current and some new clients’’

If you’d like to discuss a requirement or have any questions about 3D scanning or printing, then get in touch with Central Scanning today on 01527 558 282 or visit the website


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