LEMO® introduces new NiCorAl™ – 500 hour salt spray corrosion-resistant finish

One of the many attributes of LEMO ® connectors is the consistency and durability of surface finishes of all metallic components which contribute to both electrical and mechanical performance of the final products. These finishes have all been developed and produced in LEMO’s state-of-the-art surface treatment facilities and processes which have been certified to ISO 14001 environmental standards.
After extensive R&D LEMO launch their new NiCorAl™ 500 hour salt spray corrosion-resistant surface treatment.

This new corrosion-resistant finish is a specially formulated Nickel Teflon surface treatment in Anthracite grey colour and has been developed particularly for the aluminium alloy bodied M Series ratchet coupling range of connectors which are proving to be an excellent and significantly smaller alternative to MIL 38999.

Fully tested according to AECTP 300 / MIL-STD-810 / MIL-STD-202 standards the new NiCorAl™ treated aluminium bodied M Series have passed the 500 hour salt spray test and the brass bodied M series have achieved 1000+ hours.

The new LEMO NiCorAl™ salt spray corrosion-resistant finish satisfies the requirements of both RoSH2 and the forthcoming REACh 2017 regulations.

For further information or to see tested samples please contact [email protected] or +44(0)1903 234543 or www.lemo.co.uk


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