Setting the bar high

RSL 400 – the new safety laser scanner series from Leuze electronic

The entire RSL 400 series consists of 16 device versions with operating ranges up to 8.25 m. The safety laser scanners can be configured easily via Bluetooth and Ethernet TCP/IP. Even with the large number of possible field pairs (100), the creation of independent configurations with application-oriented one-step configuration is simpler than ever.

The devices’ large scanning angle of 270 degrees is especially advantageous, for example, in the case of mounting on corners or edges for front and side guarding and can, depending on the application, replace a second laser scanner. With two completely independent protective functions, two pairs of safety switching outputs and nine other configurable switching outputs, the RSL 430 variant pursues the following logic: one device solves two protection tasks simultaneously.

RSL400 2 Fields

Background information

Leuze electronic has been at the forefront in safety laser scanners, the ultimate discipline in safety sensor technology, right from the very beginning when this technology found its first users. The RSL 400 series incorporates decades of experience, resulting in excellent performance data and unsurpassed usability – the application of such multi-talented sensor technology has never been easier. All devices demonstrate a high level of availability on account of the high resolution and a high insensitivity to dust thanks to the high scanning rate. A large clear text display with integrated electronic spirit level ensures simple alignment when mounting the connector unit. The connector unit also contains the entire cable management and is the mechanical and electrical basis of the devices. The scanner itself can be removed at any time using standard tools and fitted with other RSL 400 devices without the need for realignment, readjustment or lengthy configuration – an important advantage for maintenance and repair. Thanks to the Ethernet interface, the devices have full network connectivity.

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