JVL’s MIS23 Quickstep series delivers 40% more torque: JVL’s MIS23 Quickstep series delivers 40% more torque

Ash Vale, Surrey, UK: Now available in the UK from Mclennan, JVL Industri Elektronik’s newest range of NEMA 23 integrated stepper motors offer unprecedented configuration flexibility – and with its closed-loop control and optional rare-earth hybrid stepper motor technology can deliver up to 40% higher torque output than open loop versions. With the potential to significantly reduce machine size through its superior power density factor the new MIS23 Quickstep series joins JVL’s larger and more powerful MIS34 version which is based on the NEMA 34 stepper motor.

The well proven integrated motor concept that JVL has pioneered over several iterations includes a stepper or servo motor plus a built-in drive with an optional programmable motion controller and a wide choice of field bus and communication interfacing possibilities. The MIS Quickstep series builds upon previous stepper motor based designs with an absolute encoder and a novel microstepping technology that can provide a resolution to 409600 counts per rev for exceptional levels of precision, smoothness and resonance-free operation. Furthermore its closed loop design offers a torque mode control feature for stall-free operation as well as high acceleration and high speed. For the MIS23 (NEMA23) version with its options of standard or rare earth magnet technology and various motor stack lengths, nominal torque output is from 1.1 to 2.5 Nm with peak torque to 3.5 Nm and speeds to 3000 rpm. Speed precision is to 0.01 rpm whilst acceleration precision is as low as 1 rpm/sec.

The feature rich MIS Quickstep series includes a built-in ‘MacTalk Nano’ PLC as standard that can take care of a wide range of motion control functions using a proprietary graphical programming environment. With high speed position capture, maths functions and electronic gearing possible, and with a complement of digital and analogue IO, the MIS 23 can control simple single-axis machines in its own right. An RS485 port or optional CANopen interface provides other simple control opportunities whilst a choice of six Ethernet based protocols including EtherCAT, Powerlink, Ethernet/IP and SERCOS III make the integrated stepper a compelling choice for distributed multi-axis motion control applications. Furthermore the flexibility extends to Bluetooth™, ZigBee or WLAN wireless control as well as ActiveX/OCX drivers for integration into high-level programming languages. A Safe Torque Off (STO) input is also specifiable for disabling the energy to the motor under emergency conditions.

The durable MIS23 can be supplied with optional IP65 rating with Ethernet and wireless electronics mounted inside the motor in a closed section with protection up to IP67. Mechanical options include double shafts, electromechanical brakes and electrical interfacing via M12 industrial grade connectors can be oriented on the top or the back face of the motor housing.

Mclennan supports JVL’s MIS23 and 34 Quickstep series integrated motors with compatible planetary or spur gearboxes and other power transmission components. With distribution partnerships and its own comprehensive design and build service available, Mclennan provides stepper and servo motor based automation solutions from single components to complete mechatronic assemblies. Contact Mclennnan at [email protected] or visit www.mclennan.co.uk