Reich Flexible Couplings Take the Heat in Fire Pump Systems

Fire Pump Systems must operate in some of the most extreme environmental conditions imaginable. Called into use in emergency situations, where lives or property may be at risk, it is essential that these systems operate at the highest levels of performance and reliability.


A key component within these systems is the drive coupling used to transfer the power of the engine to the pump. Recognising the importance of this essential interface, Reich-KUPPLUNGEN has developed a range of flexible couplings specifically targeted at these arduous and safety critical applications.





During the design and development phase for applications of this type it is imperative to analyse the system and clearly understand the mechanical interface between the internal combustion engine and the driven pump. This rigorous attention to detail by Reich has led to the development of a range of highly – torsionally flexible – couplings, capable of supporting the Fire Pump Industry’s requirements for drive shaft connections.


For Fire Pump applications driven by a combustion engine, Reich’s highly flexible VSK coupling has become established as an integral component for connecting the combustion engine to the right-angle gear drive of the fire pump system. Using the Reich AC-VSK coupling, the drive train can be protected from dynamic overload, reduce resonance-induced vibratory torques and provide a convenient connection between the combustion engine and drive shaft.


(Reich AC-VSK coupling protects the drive train from dynamic overload

and reduces resonance-induced vibratory torques)


The selection of the Reich AC-VSK coupling is initially sized based on the power ratings of the combustion engine. Reich offers nine sizes of AC-VSK couplings to cover the complete power range required by the Fire Pump industry. Once the coupling size has been determined, a torsional vibration analysis should be performed to validate the coupling selection. Reich-KUPPLUNGEN performs this function in-house as a service on behalf of customers, upon receipt of the relevant power transmission data, ensuring that the correct selection has been made.

In instances where the Fire Pump System is an electrically driven stationary variant, Reich offers the flexible Multi Mont Sella coupling as the optimum solution. The Multi Mont Sella couplings are also torsionally flexible, but designed to provide a shaft-to-shaft connection between the electric motor and driven equipment. The Multi Mont Sella range of couplings are designed to cover a wide power spectrum and provide a quick and simple method of replacing the rubber inserts, without the need to de-couple the mechanical arrangement.


(Reich’s Multi-Mont Sella coupling is the optimum solution for

electrically driven Fire Pump Systems)

Whether for Fire Pump applications or other combustion engine related applications, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN offers a comprehensive range of couplings, allowing the most appropriate variant to be selected for virtually any drive application. In addition, customer specific applications can be developed and prototypes manufactured in line with this company’s D2C (Designed to Customer) philosophy.

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