New Elesa DVB and DVC vibration damping elements

The new DVB and DVC rubber bushes from Elesa offer vibration damping for mounting of motors, rotating machines, vibrating equipment and as buffers/limit stops in all sorts of applications. Their manufacture, with rubber damping elements mounted with steel or stainless steel fixings, ensures they are suited to all types of industrial environment. They greatly aid in eliminating vibrations which may shorten machine lifespan and/or that of adjacent equipment – they are a major aid in improving operator safety and comfort, as well as reducing general noise levels.

The DVC range of rubber damping elements carry the mounting load and provide lateral movement as well as vertical dampening. They are available in a range of sizes from 10mm to 95mm dia. with stiffness of 22N/mm to 857N/mm so behave as shock mounts.

Elesa’s DVB range of rubber buffers and limit stops absorb the energy of shock vibration where movement needs to be constrained, e.g. of sliding components. DVB series come in sizes from 20mm to 60mm dia. and provide stiffness from 494N/mm up to 975N/mm.

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