Buy With Confidence – and enjoy peace of mind

The UK pump industry, through the auspices of the British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA), has over recent years been working closely with the UK Government and the European Commission, along with its various consultants, to implement a range of pump related legislative programmes dealing with product safety, environmental impact and energy reduction.10

The BPMA continues to invest in this activity for the benefit of the sector, its customers and most importantly, pump users.  In support of this work and the massive investment manufacturers have made in this area, the BPMA created a ‘Code of Conduct’ for its members, where compliance with all relevant European and/or UK legislation is a major requirement.  Therefore, by choosing to deal with BPMA members, you are assured that the products and services supplied are fully compliant across all the given parameters.

Many people may not be aware that it is not just the manufacturer who is responsible for compliance, but that suppliers and installers of pumps and pump systems must also play a part when placing products onto the UK market. This especially applies if the products supplied are ‘own branded’ or ‘packaged’.

In view of the tremendous cost burden placed on the pump sector through implementing the legislative programmes, the BPMA, on behalf of its members, are keen to ensure that every product placed on the market in the UK is fully compliant.  As such, we are already working with the UK Market Surveillance Authorities to ensure that this is the case. The BPMA, and its members, will take every action required (and available to them), to stop non-compliant products entering or being placed on the UK market.

The BPMA is proud to promote the “Buy with Confidence” from a BPMA member ethos and indeed its new Advisory Service, which seeks to assist companies in achieving appropriate compliance with current legislation.

For further details on this and any other BPMA service, please contact Steve Smith in the first instance on: +44 (0)121 601 6691