MiniTec’s modular aluminium profile system nominated for “Tomorrow’s Health and Safety award 2017”

MiniTec are very proud to have been nominated for this prestigious award by the readership of Tomorrow’s Health and Safety.

The modular aluminium profile system is used extensively throughout Industry and lifestyle in a wide range of applications where safety of personnel and equipment is a prime concern.

The most common application is for machine guards and cages.  It is in the interests of both a machine manufacturer and the operating company to ensure that equipment is fitted with adequate safeguards to protect machine operators, and any other staff working in the vicinity of such machinery. The safety guards and cages not only protect the operator from hazardous moving equipment but also act as “retainers” to protect product from flying off the equipment thus causing potential damage to both equipment and staff.

Other applications to support a safer working environment include ergonomically designed work stations and assembly lines and customised trolleys for transporting heavy items around the factory.

If you have an application which you would like to discuss with the engineers at MiniTec please contact:

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