Trescal’s Manchester Facility Achieves First for UK IAC Scanner UKAS Accreditation

Trescal, the international specialist in calibration and measurement solutions, has streamlined processes at its Manchester facility by investing in an IAC Master Scanner. Following extensive assessment this has now been fully commissioned and can be used for UKAS accredited measurements, full details of our capabilities can be found on the UKAS website.

No other facility in the UK has an IAC Master Scanner which can be used for accredited measurements. This means that the Trescal Manchester site is quickly becoming a centre of expertise for calibrating a wide range of thread gauges. Additionally, the IAC can take an impressive 16,000 readings per second to ensure the most thorough of assessments before providing results for the gauge.

Kevin Hancox, Branch Manager at Trescal Manchester comments: “The Trescal Manchester facility receives a variety of screw plugs and rings to be measured on the IAC, from across the country and further afield. More and more customers are keen to take advantage of our precise UKAS accredited machinery and highly skilled engineers, which is a tribute to the service we offer and the skills based at our Manchester facility and throughout the wider Trescal network. A lot of hard work and commitment has made this happen and we are delighted with the amount of interest and usage the IAC has had to date.”   

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