Machine and workstation wireless monitoring and data collection systems from WERMA

See for the new video for yourself

  • Are you interested in reducing your downtime?
  • Does it take too long to react to stoppages or calls for help on the line?
  • Would you be interested in learning more about the innovative, low cost, easy to retrofit andon light based systems from WERMA?

If the answers to any of the above are yes please take a couple of minutes to view our latest video describing how SmartMONITOR and AndonSPEED   can help you optimise your processes and make a significant improvement to downtime monitoring, recording repetitive fault codes, generating simple and comprehensive status reports without the need for manual recording of data.

And much more.

The intelligent system will generate e-mails to smart ‘phones notifying the recipient of the need to respond to an issue for call for help from the line.  Notify remote services such as Stores or Inspection that their immediate intervention is required to avoid a lengthy production stoppage.

Follow this link to the video and see for yourself;


Then, if you are interested in learning more please contact us here at WEMA UK where we would be pleased to arrange a no obligation demonstration of the systems at your site.


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