Trace Software International Announces Strategic Partnership with Circutor

Trace Software International (TSI)- successful company with 30 years of experience in the development of software solutions for electrical engineering and with a unique expertise in the design of electrical installations- is glad to announce its strategic alliance with CIRCUTOR.

CIRCUTOR is a leading and well-established company with over 40 years of experience and solutions in more than 100 countries.With six productions centers, their efforts are constantly dedicated to the design and manufacture of equipment to improve energy efficiency: equipment for measurement and control of electrical energy and quality of supply, industrial electrical protection, reactive compensation and harmonic filtering, intelligent recharging of electric vehicles and renewable energy.

CIRCUTOR has strategically chosen Trace Software International. In fact, its components are already available and seamlessly integrated within Trace Software International Electrical Content Portal. Based on web technology, it represents the worldwide renown leading platform for manufacturers certified data.


 “We are very happy of having Circutor Catalogue in our Electrical Content Portal. Collaborating with such a global player undoubtedly confirm our leading position in the market. Thanks to our solid experience and know-how, we count with the most comprehensive database of the most important manufacturers in the market.  They trust us, they want their digital components to be in the Trace Software International Electrical Content Portal. The benefits are massive and mutual.” said Pedro Puig – CEO of Trace Software International.

The Electrical Content Portal (ECP) not only takes advantage of a large volume of reliable and certified digital contents that can be used immediately in the development of any electrical project, guaranteeing in this way the precision of the bill of materials (BOM) – amongst other benefits.

Also, counting with the most comprehensive database of the most important manufacturers in the market, consistently reinforces partners notoriety accordingly to the leading position Trace Software International has gained in the market during its 30 years of experience.

Additionally, the platform provides with an unparalleled network of members seeking for certified, standardized and homologated information for their projects.

In fact, the reliability and the immediate availability of accurate and exhaustive digital contents is key for any technical design professional aiming to guarantee the quality and integrity of the electrical projects.

The Electrical Content Portal is linked to a world-leading digital engineering 3D content company – TRACE PARTS, that counts with more than 3 million users worldwide.

Based on the latest web technologies, the Electrical Content Portal (ECP) is a portal of accessible content online or directly through elecworks™ software, aimed at users with a subscription.