Advanced design skills given boost with investment in laser cutting machine from HepcoMotion

Design students at Tiverton High School are taking the first step towards a career in engineering with a new laser cutter machine that has been part-funded by local manufacturing firm HepcoMotion.

The new machine, which cost around £7,400, enables design students to create 2D models designed on computer aided design (CAD) software, and serves as a starting point for any student wishing to learn more about engineering.

Peter Fanshawe, HepcoMotion Managing Director said: “The new laser cutter machine functions in the same way as many of the machines used by our own engineers, so the students can gain valuable experience and be more prepared for the workplace.

“HepcoMotion is a committed member of the town’s community.  Many of our apprentices come to us from Tiverton High School, so we were very pleased to support the school in the funding for the machine. We’re looking forward to strengthening our partnership through the combined work we do together.”

Tiverton High School Headteacher Sammy Crook added: “In the last 10 years, around 19 of our students have gone into apprenticeships at HepcoMotion, and we value the support they have given us – not just in the funding for the new machine, but with other programmes and events that have taken place over the years.

“It’s lovely to see the link between our school and the community strengthen with partnerships such as the one with HepcoMotion, and we look forward to building on these in the future.”

HepcoMotion, a world-leading manufacturer of linear motion products, works with Tiverton High School on a number of events throughout the school year, including Rocket Day and the Young Enterprise Programme.