adi Group Offers Compliance 360 – Cloud-Based Manufacturing Compliance Management Solution

Engineering firm, adi Group, is now offering manufacturers an innovative route through the compliance management minefield, with Compliance 360. The cloud-based system enables industry to rationalise compliance and testing regimes across thousands of critical site assets, and minimise risk exposure in the process.

Compliance 360 serves not only as a manufacturing site’s asset inventory, accounting for everything in a consistent format, but also as a framework within which adi Group’s engineers can comply with all the legal or best practice testing regimes those assets require.

The system then logs and stores all test data in a standard form, reports on defects and automatically prices up remedial work to present back to the customer, or to adi Group themselves, to be actioned. And, with all data held in one digital space, they can be interrogated with ease.

For each asset and test programme, the asset list also acts as a scheduler, allowing the customer to analyse their factory area, their site or the whole estate, ensuring not only that they are compliant but signposting which assets are scheduled for imminent testing.

With thousands of pieces of electrical, mechanical and environmental kit in the typical factory, from boilers, motors, emergency lights, control panels and distribution boards, along with all of the electrical system’s final circuits, keeping tabs on compliance testing has often proven an administrative nightmare for manufacturers.

In some cases, businesses have insufficient time and resources available to keep track of all the necessary testing and the paper trails that inevitably follow. This can lead to auditing difficulties and, in extreme cases, unnecessary risk exposure, as potentially dangerous equipment goes untested for a lack of awareness of test frequencies or of the vagaries of different regimes.

adi Group Director, James Sopwith said, “We find some businesses don’t have an accurate picture of their full asset inventory and, without that knowledge, they struggle to ensure they’re in full compliance with all regulations or industry best practices.

This can lead to all manner of issues, should a problem arise, but Compliance 360 changes all that. It gives customers clarity and confidence by establishing rigorous testing regimes at the right frequency and dealing with problems in an efficient, proactive manner.

Rather than trawling through endless paper records, due to the system’s digital nature, audits of mechanical, environmental and electrical asset testing are transparent, standardised and accessible, enabling manufacturers to take back control over elements of their risk exposure.”

To learn more about Compliance 360, get in touch with adi TEGG General Manager, Mark Shenton on 0121 451 2255 or email [email protected].