Informative Spring 2018 Freeze Drying Webinars Program

The new Spring 2018 program of LyoLearn™ educational webinars has been announced by SP Scientific. Devoted to lyophilization current research interest and related topics, and delivered by industry experts, attendees to each of the free live sessions are encouraged to ask questions of the presenter and get their answers in real time. 

On 21st February 2018, Dr Michael Pikal, recently retired Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Connecticut will present ‘The Power of Simple Modelling to Facilitate Scale Up of Freeze Drying Processes: Primary Drying’ an important topic that will look at the identification and evaluation of the critical experimental freeze-drying data input and the use of such data to predict intra-batch and inter-batch variations, with a focus on scale up.

‘Mechanisms by Which Crystalline Mannitol Improves the Reconstitution Time of High Concentration Lyophilized Protein Formulations’ is a webinar presentation by Shreya Kulkarni, Ph.D. candidate from the University of Connecticut that will live stream on 22nd March 2018. This webinar will discuss how freeze drying of high concentration protein formulations often results in cakes with long and variable reconstitution times. The webinar will address the mechanisms by which crystalline mannitol improves reconstitution time by providing a fundamental understanding of the contribution of mannitol crystallinity towards the cake attributes influencing reconstitution.

The ‘How the Freezing Protocol Can Influence Protein Stability during Lyophilization’ webinar presentation will stream live on 25th April 2018. Presented by Dr. Rui Fang, this webinar aims to provide an understanding of the effect of freezing on protein stability and batch uniformity from studying three model proteins, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG), and recombinant human serum albumin (rHSA). Additionally, this webinar will address the effect of various freezing parameters such as ice nucleation temperature, shelf ramp rate and isothermal hold post ice nucleation on protein stability.

The final webinar of the Spring program, due to take place on 16th May 2018, will be presented by Bryan Balthazor of Pfizer Inc. entitled ‘Development of Foam Drying and Application to Novel Modalities’. This webinar will discuss how promising novel therapeutics, such as cellular and gene therapies, present new challenges to the development of stable, dried biopharmaceutical products. Recent work that has evaluated the stability of foam dried preparations and data will be presented highlighting the role of drying method, formulation composition, and drying process parameters on product quality. Challenges to the implementation of foam drying in development will be discussed including the role of formulation and process design in addressing these challenges. The presenter will postulate that while foam drying is still early in development, it has unique benefits that may be applied to drying new biologic modalities.

SP LyoLearn™ webinars follow a 45-minute format for the presentations with a Q&A session immediately afterwards.  To learn more about or register for any of SP Scientific’s 2018 program of informative webinars please visit or contact the company on +1-845-255-5000 (+44-1473-240000 in Europe).

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