The most cost effective oil and diesel fuel cleanliness monitor on the market just got better! Introducing the new Particle Pal V2

Filtertechnik’s Particle Pal is a self-contained portable measuring system that gives ISO, NAS and SAE Cleanliness readings and the option of Water Content analysis for Oils and/or Diesel Fuels. Complete with a re-chargeable battery, high pressure internal gear pump and controlled flow rate. Whether on-site or in the laboratory, the Particle Pal will provide cleanliness readings in real time to allow an Engineer to fully understand the condition of their oils or fuels.

The FS9V2 units now have a single LCD display showing all the connected sensors in real time. Filtertechnik have added an internal memory for capturing data with a simple USB data transfer of results that can be printed showing tabular and graphical results. Also included is powerful trending software which shows real time cleanliness data in graphical format via USB transfer to a connected PC.

Water sensors can be included to show the humidity of any oil as a % saturation. For diesel fuels

a genuine water parts per million (PPM) sensor is deployed. Also for fuels Filtertechnik have developed a density sensor version which accurately detects the slightest change in a diesel fuel’s density which is helpful when fuel tampering is suspected.

All Particle Pal’s can draw from oil stored in tanks or from sample bottles. Alternatively, the units can analyse oils from pressurised systems via a High Pressure adaptor which is capable of 350 Bar inlet pressures. Viscosities up to 420cst are catered for as standard with higher viscosity oils capable of being measured if pre-heated to 40-55 *C.


In both Hydraulic and Lubrication systems knowing the particulate cleanliness and water content data can prevent serious system failures and component damage. By testing oil cleanliness in real time, the necessary protection can be put in place to protect sensitive components. Samples can be taken directly from the reservoir or direct from an active fluid power system (via a High Pressure Adaptor if necessary) or from an oil sample drawn from the system earlier.  Results can be displayed as ISO, NAS or SAE cleanliness codes.

The Particle Pal can be used in a range of applications and industries including off-road plant, rail, construction, hydraulic and mechanical presses, marine and many, many more.


The Standard Particle Pal FS9V2 is also suitable for measuring the solid particulate content is all diesel fuels. Results are displayed as ISO, NAS or SAE cleanliness codes. The diesel fuel market has adopted ISO cleanliness codes as the standard for ensuring fuel cleanliness. Ideally fuel should be at least ISO 18/16/13 as a bare minimum.

The FS9V2 is ideal for tank sampling, bottle sampling or drawing from a live system, for water analysis Filtertechnik have included an accurate, temperature compensated genuine Parts Per Million (PPM) water sensor. Also available is a highly accurate density sensor to detect the slightest change in diesel fuels integrity, this can be useful to detect if fuel has been tampered with or substituted with, for example, water or kerosene.

The all new Particle Pal range:

New FS9V2 Particle Pal: Live ISO/NAS/SAE particulate readings for Oils and Diesel Fuels

New FS9V2-RH Particle Pal: Live Particulate and % RH Water detection (oils only)

New FS9V2-PPM Particle Pal: Live Particulate and genuine PPM (Parts Per Million) Water content (diesel fuel only)

New FS9V2-PPM-DEN Particle Pal: Live Particulate, Water PPM and accurate Density sensor to alert to the presence of kerosene, water or any other foreign substance.

Particle Pal was proudly designed and is built in Nottingham UK.

Further information can be provided by:

Richard Price, Managing Director

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