Clamp Down On EMI Shielding & Earthing Issues During Panel Building

Correct and effective cable shielding and earthing is essential in electrical and electronic systems if problems, resulting from electromagnetic interference, are to be avoided. The potential for breakdowns or failure caused by electromagnetic interference can affect equipment across all sectors and applications, sometimes with serious consequences.



With such a high potential for interference across so many different equipment types and installations, it is important to be able to select the most appropriate and reliable components for EMC shielding and protection. Electromagnetic interference can come from many sources and can be either natural or man-made. Either way the outcome can be the same – equipment malfunction or failure, loss of data or other more serious events.


In safety critical applications, or other areas for example, where process measurement and control equipment is being used, a greater level of EMC shielding and earthing is required to protect against interference and subsequent failure. The area where the cable shield is connected to the cabinet earth is a critical point and it is also very important that the connection here has a low resistance.


(Buttkereit Limited offer a comprehensive range of high quality EMC cable clamps)


Buttkereit Limited, are distributors for a wide range of high quality EMC cable clamps, suitable for cable diameters from 1.5mm to 48mm. These have been extensively tested using various frequency ranges, with the results of all tests showing minimal leakage resistance.


Buttkereit’s range of cable clamps come in a number of variants including: Clip On Types – where the shield clamp can be snapped onto a 35mm DIN rail without the use of tools. Just pressing the cable shield into the shield clamp achieves a safe contact. Optional strain relief is available, and the additional clamping arm allows for the reduction of strain on the cable with the use of a cable tie. The advantages of the clip on type include: easy tool free assembly, constant contact with cable shield due to spring pressure and excellent conductance of high frequency interferences.


There are also a range of Direct Assembly Types – where the shield clamp can be screwed directly onto the mounting plate. Assembly is achieved using an M4 or M5 screw. Alternatively clamps can be mounted on to a C-rail with a mounting adapter as an accessory part. The cable is simply pushed into the shield clamp to achieve a secure contact. As for the clip on types, an optional strain relief feature is also available.


Both the clip on and direct assembly types are available in a range of materials including: Zinc Plated spring steel and Nickel Plated spring steel.


As the standard options are sometimes not suitable for every application, Buttkereit Limited is able to offer bespoke solutions, even in small quantities, developed to suit to customer’s unique requirements.


(For applications where the standard range is not suitable, Buttkereit can design and supply a bespoke solution, even in small quantities)


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