A bespoke 6-axis table-type horizontal boring mill with 7.7 m X-axis, a 150 mm spindle with an extension of 730 mm plus a ram travel of 700 mm has been built by Fermat for Liebherr to produce deep features in large cast iron and steel construction components.


The Fermat WFT 15 R has four linear axes X, Y, Z and W plus two rotary axes B and V for the rotary table.  Each axis movement has been incorporated with Heidenhain linear scales to meet the accuracy and repeatability demands of the customer.  Due to the 7.7 m length of the X-axis, Fermat engineers used a rack and pinion drive through two motors in master and slave relationship. These are mounted each side of the table undercarriage  to drive the large 2.5 m by 5 m rotary table which is able to support loads up to 25 tonnes.


The WFT 15 R is a recent addition to the Fermat modular designed range of universal, floor and table type horizontal boring mills represented in the UK by 2D CNC Machinery of Hinckley.  The machine’s rigid column design carries Fermat’s design of stepless universal milling head with spindle power of 51 kW, developing up to 2,600 Nm of torque with thermal monitoring.


In standard specification the WFT 15 Series is available with X-axes between 1,500 mm and 5,000 mm, Y-axes between 1,700 mm and 3,500 mm and Z-axes from 1,200 mm to 3,600 mm. Control can be selected from Heidenhain, Fanuc or Siemens. There are also a wide range of options such as pallet systems. automatic toolchangers including robotic systems with up to 90 tool positions and a series of universal micro-indexing milling and facing heads.